So Your Deck Needs Work: Is Replacement or Repair in Order?

Outdoor equipment can’t really be without maintenance so that they can function the way they’re meant to. Infrastructure is included in this because the likes of decks will most certainly require maintenance of some type along the way. They deal with a number of environmental factors day in and day out that can affect their performance which, in turn, can take a toll on both safety and enjoyment. This becomes particularly true for the ones that are made of wood and similar natural materials.

Deck Maintenance

Among other things, fluctuations in temperature, as well as the harshness of the sun, can lead wooden decks, in particular, to experience considerable damage. Many homeowners end up struggling at this stage to decide whether to get repairs or just have the deck replaced altogether. It can be tricky to tell just what the best possible choice to make is.

Needless to say, it all begins with determining just what state the deck is in exactly. Sometimes it’s simple wear and tear. Sometimes, it’s something more serious brought on by the elements and climate.

Be sure to have a closer look at the deck, not just the damaged part. Take several things into account while weighing repairs or replacement, such as:

1. Deck Surface

The surface of the deck may seem like the most obvious first place to look, but be sure the handrails are included in this inspection. Decks that aren’t sealed or have sealing that’s not been maintained will struggle with moisture. This can lead to a deck swelling in certain areas, which will mean more damage and more expenses. UV rays from the sun can make wood’s natural fibers to degrade. 

2. Deck Posts

Make sure to see exactly what the posts’ condition is like as well. They’re the very core of a deck being healthy. Since they’re vertical and generally hidden by the deck, the good news is that their UV ray exposure is much less than usual. The same goes for any ill effects that come from water that’s pooled. That said, accumulated water can inadvertently affect the posts’ bases down the line.

Repair or Replace?

Budgets can make all the difference in this decision, though the damage and consequent repairs needed also play a role. A concentration of problems within a particular area of a deck can mean repairs are all that’s in order. The caveat is that the homeowner will make sure their deck is essentially as good as new when it’s all over. 

It’s particularly key for the beams, which serve as the key for deck support. Whether replacement or repairs, it can all cost quite a bit. In fact, the costs in funding and time needed for beam replacement (by the hour) can equate to more than what a new deck would cost.


The outdoor area of any home requires maintenance, including the deck. This is particularly true if the likes of natural wood are involved since the elements can affect it considerably. Repair or replacement will depend on the budget and extent of damages.

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