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Hiring the Right Roofing Contractor: Things You Need to Know

Some homeowners may think that roofing work–installation, repairs, and maintenance–is an easy task. This is true, but only if roofing experts will perform the tasks.

Finding the right roofing materials can be less challenging, but hiring the right contractors can be daunting.

When hiring the right roof contractor, whether for repairs or installation, the following things should be considered:

Local Roofers

Before you hire roofers from another state or city, it would be a practical idea to choose local roofing contractors. One reason is the proximity; they can provide the services quicker than those coming from far areas.

Another advantage of hiring a local roofer is that they are well-rounded about the local building codes. Therefore, if you are not too familiar with them, the roofers can help you comply with the guidelines.

Insurance and License 

There are documents that you need to secure before a roofing project. There should be a license to operate and insurance coverage to prove that the roofing contractors are legitimate to work on a project.

More Experienced Roofers

It is more advantageous when you choose experienced roofers who have already worked on projects for several years. They can apply their relevant skills and expertise to any project. Not only that, but they have also built strong business relationships with suppliers. Thus, you can expect that your project will be in good hands because they can get the best prices for roofing materials.

Asking for References

It’s not enough that you see the ads and business names of your potential roofers. Make sure to ask for references so that you can verify their services with the clients they’ve previously worked with. Contact those references and ask how it was working with the contractor. 

You should also check some genuine testimonials about their customer service, personnel, and other information on how they provide their roofing services.

Reviewing Their Past Projects

Do not forget to ask the contractors about their portfolio to showcase their roofing repairs and installation projects before. This is an effective way to decide if you’re hiring the roofing contractor or not.

Their portfolio must show the photos (hard copy or digital) of their projects. Seeing their work will give you more ideas on how they can deal with an excellent roofing project. Aside from their portfolio, you can also check their website or social media profiles where they publish and post their finished and ongoing projects.

Verifying About Warranties

Choose a roofing contractor that offers their customers the best warranty. Make sure to learn about standard manufacturer’s warranty and workmanship warranty, which are both commonly offered by reliable contractors.

Acquiring Multiple Quotes

Do not stick with only one roofing contractor for a quote. It would be better if you can get three quotes to compare. To finalize a bid for a roofing project, a quote will be very helpful because it will list everything about their offer.

A quote from a roofing contractor must include the cost of materials and labor, waste disposal solutions, time frame for the project, and other important details.


Hiring a reliable roofing contractor can be somehow difficult, especially if it’s your time doing it. However, if you know the essential things to consider, you’ll be able to choose the right contractor more easily. Start looking for roofing contractors in your area and compare quotes from them.

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