Determining the Best Material for Outdoor Decks

Outdoor decks add extra living spaces to homes. These moderate-sized spaces extend the house’s interiors and function as an additional activity area to provide you with fresh air and sunshine.

They are usually a combination of different materials, such as glass balustrades and metal frames. The main material, though, is usually either wood or composite wood.

Both materials have their advantages, but more importantly, different prices and quality. Various outdoor deck builders may prefer one over the other too. In this short guide, we’ll present you the features and advantages of each to help you decide which one to choose for your deck creation projects.

Wooden Decks

Many deck owners may prefer wooden decks since it is the most common material type for deck construction. It’s usually a default choice for builders and homeowners.

Wood decks are more natural-looking than composite decks, making them the more preferred choice for aesthetic purposes. Compared to composite wood decks, they are also much more affordable and easier to procure as well. Deck builders and designers consider them highly compatible with other outdoor patio and living space materials paired with great design.

However, its more basic and bare features expose it to many external elements such as heat, water, and direct contact, which easily depletes its outer layers. You may find yourself needing to apply regular waterproofing or varnish coatings for extra protection and to keep the integrity of a wooden deck’s surfaces.

They are more exposed to damage such as wood rot, which happens due to water damage. Over time, it will also develop into molds that add to degeneration. Another major issue is splintering, which adds extra dangers of injury, especially to the feet.

Since it’s wood, the deck becomes the natural terrain of termites and insects, who prefer its mostly organic material as food to consume. Despite that, wooden decks can still last up to thirty years with proper care.

Composite Decks

Since the 90s, people have started opening up to composite decks. They may not be as common as wooden decks, but they add extra features that help you make slightly better choices over wood-based outdoor deck construction.

Its sturdiness levels are much better than wood. It uses wood and plastic fusion, adding inherent waterproofing and protection from destructive elements such as water damage, molds, and termites. You don’t need to maintain its surfaces as it is pretty much install-and-forget regularly. 

The plastic encapsulation makes them solid and impenetrable. Composite decks are ultraviolet ray-resistant and will not fade, keeping their original colors and design intact. Due to their plastic fusion, they are bendable by heat, which adds designing and construction options.

With regular use, composite decks last even longer than wooden decks for up to fifty years.
Many deck builders suggest the format because of durability and longevity factors.

There are some minor inconveniences you need to remember. These composite materials absorb heat from the sun and add discomfort as they become hotter than ordinary wooden decks. Also, since they are a more complex type of material, they are more expensive.

A composite deck’s level of maintenance is almost non-existent compared to wood, which may give it an extra advantage over time. Wood is much cheaper, but the overall expenses and upkeep will also cost you in the long run.

Final Notes

This complete rundown of the two main types of outdoor deck construction materials should now give you a clearer idea of what to get for your home. Each will carry distinct features and price tags, and it’s up to you to make a choice. Your deck builders may also suggest the best format depending on your total budget and the option to suit your house much better.

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