Consider These Points Before Adding a New Bedroom in Your Home

Any growing family will be compelled to consider a specific space requirement for their homes. More often than not, a lack of space or room is a challenge they face. In looking for a new home or constructing a home, they typically consider the number of bedrooms they will need. 

At the same time, many families feel obliged to add a bedroom to their existing home simply. If you’re one of these families, you should research the benefits, drawbacks, and viable alternatives before taking this step.

As you evaluate your options, you must consider the following before adding a new bedroom in your home:

The Bedroom Addition

Because not all bedroom additions are the same, you must understand that you need to set standards according to your needs, budget, and other variables. Once you determine this, you can proceed with your decision-making process with your trusted contractors. The bulk of bedroom additions fall into one of three categories:

  • Create a new space from an existing one. The simplest and most cost-effective way is to convert an existing room into a bedroom. This works well for unfinished remodeling basements, attics, and underutilized home offices.
  • If there isn’t enough space for a renovation, consider a bump-out addition. This is the procedure of eliminating a wall from a room to make more space. The main advantage of this is that you won’t need to install any other HVAC system.
  • If adding a bedroom is not an option, consider constructing an in-law suite or apartment apart from the main house. However, your options are restricted if you reside in an HOA area.
  • Whether your selections are restricted or if you have unrestricted creative and financial freedom to experiment, note that it is critical to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each option before finalizing a decision.

The Financial Factors

As with any home improvement project, you must carefully evaluate its total expense. While adding a bedroom is not cheap, the added value usually offsets the cost. 

To give you a costing range, remodeling an attic or basement should cost between $80 and $200 per square foot. Meanwhile, the average cost of a detached expansion is $24,658.

The Legal Implications

More than money, there are legal rules to consider in reconstructing a room into a bedroom. An egress window must be easy to open and large enough to allow a firefighter to exit or comply with construction codes. Without this precaution, any room or location would be deemed dangerous and unfit as a bedroom.

The Taxation

Not many people know that enhancing home or simply adding a new bedroom could affect the value of your home. In many towns, this could increase your property taxes and, consequently, raise the fees of your taxation dues. 

While this seldom is the case, you must still consider this before commencing work on the expansion. Before proceeding, make sure you get all the necessary permits.

The Details

It’s not simply about design or Pinterest boards. For a bedroom expansion, take all of the small details into account that you want to include, incorporate, or remove from your desired space. 

Consider the flow of the house, for example, and see what you can tweak, replace, expand, or convert. While the list could go on and on, simply overlooking this step may put your budget at risk and leave you unsatisfied with the outcome. 


Home improvements projects are fun and exciting, especially for growing families. However, they don’t come without challenges. In the event you consider a drastic change in your home, simply keep these considerations in mind. With this list, you’ll be sure to complete a seamless process, all while maintaining your budget and improving the quality of your family’s living situation.

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