Building a Patio on Your Yard: Watch Out for These 3 Problems

The idea of building a patio right in your backyard is incredibly attractive, and sooner or later, you won’t be able to resist bringing your aspirations to life. 

Although it’s great to see bare yards with room for dogs and children to play and adults to set up cookouts in, they never really feel whole until they’re outfitted with patios. And now that putting one together is easier than ever, there’s no better time for you to follow suit and construct your own enjoyable space than today! 

Like any major construction project, building a patio is a process that entails extensive preparation and accounting for all the right elements. And there’s one aspect you should certainly watch out for: the different ways it can all go wrong.

Common Patio Construction Problems to Prepare For 

Building a patio may seem like a straightforward effort, but it’s a lot more technical than simply putting pieces together, making it all look pretty, and calling it a day. Whether you’re looking to create a traditional concrete structure or take things up a notch with a colored or stamped setup, the fact is that there’s more than meets the eye. You need to account for expected carrying loads, comply with strict local regulations, and consider many different factors along the way. 

To help ensure that you don’t end up with back jobs and problems that will weigh heavy on your wallet and add more stress to your plate, here are the problems that you’ll need to avoid: 

Problem #1: Surface Scaling

Surface scaling is a defect in the form of peeling or flaking on a hard concrete surface. This type of problem surfaces whenever something goes wrong during the freezing and thawing cycle. In recent years, however, newer cases of surface scaling have been popping up because of overworked surfaces and over-watering, resulting in the need to do things over. 

Problem #2: Cracking

One of the most common problems that can come about during a patio construction project is cracking. The sight of thin and thick cracks on a concrete surface can cause much worry for homeowners because they signify potential structural problems. It is also important to note that the different kinds of cracks you see all pertain to various structural and foundation issues that need to be addressed. 

Problem #3: Unnecessary DIY-ing

Here’s the biggest problem that anyone looking to build a concrete patio in their yard can face: doing things themselves.

Although the internet makes it a lot easier to do some things on your own, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should construct a fixture of this technicality yourself. DIY construction can lead to many, many issues down the line. 

If you want to ensure that you have a concrete patio that you can depend on and is worth showing off and enjoying for years to come, then you’re better off contacting an expert like Prime Management for help!


Building a concrete patio in your yard can make for an exciting experience, but it’s critical to be aware of the many problems that can pop up along the way. Once you start constructing your new fixture, being aware of these issues will help you achieve the best outcome possible! 

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