Barndominium: Is It the Right Home Style for You?

 The world of architecture and home construction always sees something new as people come up with new styles and designs. In recent years, we have seen the revival of classical styles similar to those of the Greeks and Romans. We have also witnessed the Arts & Crafts movement, passive solar designs, and the tiny homes that have been popular these past few years!

Now it seems that a new trend is emerging – the barndominium or simply the “barndo.” Whether you have heard of it or not, if you’re planning on building a new house or buying one, you might be wondering if this is something that could potentially be a good choice for you. Here’s what you need to know about this new home style:

What Is a Barndominium?

A barndominium, simply put, is a barn that’s been renovated into an awesome house. Although it’s not a new concept, it’s only been recent that it’s been given the spotlight. As you can imagine, a barndominium has the best elements of a barn and a condominium.

It’s a house plan that is designed to have both a comfortable living space and barn-like working space and storage. It’s a fairly unique home style that is perfect for those who want a spacious home with a rustic appeal.

Characteristics of a Barndominium

In a nutshell, a barndominium can be any large building with space for living quarters and a work area or a garage. Traditionally, it should look like a pole barn on the exterior, but now you can see some with a basic steel structure while others go the more elaborate route.

Here are some of the characteristics that all barndominiums have in common:

Airy Open Floor Plans

Most barndos have an open floor plan for their living room, dining, and kitchen. They’re always spacious and offer visible sightlines wherever your family may be in the great room.

High Ceilings

You’re likely to see really high ceilings and exposed wood beams in a barndominium. These may be just decorative, but you can’t deny that they do offer a certain charm you won’t find in other home styles.

Covered Porches

Most barndominiums have a wrap-around porch farmhouse style that adds to its rustic feel. For some with limited space, a covered front or rear porch is a good option.

Signature Dutch Roof

One of the most identifiable characteristics of. barndo is its gambrel roof which is a symmetrical gable roof with two slopes on both sides. The upper slope is at a shallower angle while the lower one is steeper. This results in the increased space in the upper level of the home. Of course, some barndominiums don’t have a gambrel roof but many still prefer them.

Barn Doors

You can’t have a barndominium without a barn door! It’s actually one of the most charming elements of this style of home.

Why It Might Be for You

There are several reasons why this might be the right choice of home for you. For one, it’s versatile so you can do any interior style inside while maintaining that work-live concept. You can even use some of the space for a store or a coffee shop, or perhaps a yoga studio. The free-flowing space allows you to use it any way you want.

Most barndominiums are built using eco-friendly materials so they leave a smaller carbon footprint. It’s also faster and easier to construct compared to other architectural styles.


A barndominium is a great choice for homeowners who live the idea of having a huge space for their work or hobby and equally large living space. It’s for those who prefer something more unique and rustic over the idea of a traditional-looking home.

If you are excited about the idea of living in a barndominium, Prime Management is here to fulfill your dream. Get in touch with our team and we’ll talk about the awesome barndo we can build for you!