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5 Signs That You Need to Call for a Roof Replacement Soon

The roof protects your house from many disasters. The last thing you would want is for it to disintegrate and collapse, bringing danger to the whole household. No matter how sturdy and durable it might look, there are times when your roof could get damaged or become loose, especially after a strong storm or years of serving. Unfortunately, due to its placement, it is hard for homeowners to notice any of its issues.

Make sure that your roof will not fall off any time soon. Watch out for these signs that your roof is already failing your house:

Sign 1: Your Shingles Are Incomplete

It is typical for any home with shingle roofs to have a missing or falling shingle or two after a strong wind or storm. It could be because of the weather, poor shingle installation, or an already old roofing system. But sometimes, even a high-quality shingle can get torn off due to extreme winds. When you lose a shingle in your roof, it can cause a collection of water and debris on the roof. That could increase the chances of it leaking. At the same time, incomplete shingles can no longer provide the same protection as they did before.

Sign 2: You See Dark Areas on Your Roof

The dark areas on your roof could mean that these shingles have been soaked in water for a long time. These dark patches could also bring in algae and moss growth if not replaced soon. They become darker because they age faster. When you notice this in your roof, try to remove and replace it as quickly as possible. 

Sign 3: Your Roof Starts to Sag

Excessive weight is the number one cause of sagging roofs. When there is too much snow, wind, or ice on the sheathing or roofing materials, it could result in the drooping of the material. Improper installation or the wrong material can also be contributing factors to this incident. Sagging is a typical roof problem that should be fixed immediately. Not doing anything about it could lead to its eventual collapse.

Sign 4: You Spot Water Damage at the Ceiling or Attic

When there is water present in your ceiling or attic, it could be because of a roof leak. A leak will only occur if there are existing roof problems. Perhaps your home has a cracked flashing or an inadequate roof underlayment. Broken shingles and not adequately sealed valleys are other common causes of roof leaks. Have your roof checked and fixed to avoid making the problem worse.

Sign 5: Your Roof Is Too Old

A roof made from asphalt shingles can usually serve for 20 to 25 years. Anything more than that means that your roof is already old and needs to be replaced soon. Another option is to overlay your existing shingles. It all depends on your budget and what is best for your home. You can call your local roofing company to inspect and provide you with an estimate. 


Do not wait for disaster to happen. When you notice any of these signs happening to your roof, contact your trusted roofing company so they can address your concern as soon as possible. You would want your roof to protect your household at all costs. Therefore, make sure that it is in good condition and functioning well all the time. 

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