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4 Basic Parts of Your Roof System That Are Prone to Issues

When it comes to a home, a roof system is one of the most integral parts. It helps to protect the overall home and its structure from heavy rain and other sorts of weather. However, since the roof is the first barrier of protection, that means it’s also most prone to several issues. A good quality roof is needed in order to minimize damages and expenses in the long run. 

Being aware of which parts are more likely to be vulnerable can help you keep an eye out for emergency reparations needed. If an issue does happen to arise, take note of the details and contact an expert who will be able to tend to your construction needs. 

Roof Trim

The vertical roof trim or fascia refers to the material that funnels what falls on top of the roof to its edges and the drainage system present. This usually helps rainwater get to the gutters and shield the edges to avoid the water from escaping. Although resistant, the roof trim is still prone to damage. 

Depending on the downpour and the material of your roof trim, there is a chance that its structure will weaken because of the moisture that it may be unable to handle. Not only will the roof trim weaken, but leaks can seep through the edge of the roof and into your own home. This can cause all sorts of problems related to mold and mildew, so check on this frequently.


Shingles can add to the character of how a house looks, depending on their color and texture. Aside from appearance, this roof covering also offers excellent durability to the roof itself. However, because multiple squares do line up and cover the whole top, it’s likely that one would be discolored or just fall off.

This can be due to poor installation and construction, though it can also be credited to harsh weather conditions. Whichever cause, it can be a bad sign to watch the squares start to fall off and have a potential hole occur in your home. Contact a professional if that happens.


Underlayment is the layer between the roof’s shingles and the deck itself. If the shingles are the initial protectors in a roof system, an underlayment is considered to be the second. It should also feature a ventilation system that helps the heat and moisture collected in your home escape. This is why it’s essential to inspect for any gaping holes that disrupt the process.


The gutter or drainage is something that’s closely integrated with the roof system, helping to remove and guide water away from not just the roof but the foundation as well. However, this part of your roof and its pipes can easily get clogged with dirt, stones, leaves, and all sorts of debris. Proper maintenance should be practiced to protect this part of the home. 


It’s a must to check your roof regularly and ensure that your home is still intact, especially after a downpour or snowstorm. If you’re still in the construction process, make sure the roofing installation and the materials used are top-notch to ensure that you and all occupants of a home are safe. 

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